The incomparable Winterthur Museum collection of beautiful and distinct Federal period American furniture is described and illustrated in this book, first published in 1978. Today's printing technology makes this book even more stunning, presenting beautiful photos of 491 pieces. The text explores the maker, place of origin, size, materials, dimensions, details of design and, most importantly, an evaluation of the merits of each piece. It is a history of the entire process of furniture making in Federal America. This is a classic encyclopedia for Federal period furniture enthusiasts, and a mine of information for everyone interested in the social and cultural history of the formative years of the United States.
Charles F. Montgomery (1910-1978) worked at the Winterthur Museum, in Delaware, from 1949 to 1970, as director and senior research fellow devoted to early American culture. From 1970 until his death, he was curator of American art collections and professor of art history at Yale University.

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