This historical overview of the various styles of American shelf and wall clocks covers the centuries and gives visual pleasure every step of the way. The original owners of these clocks were interested as much in how they looked as in how they told time, so they are quite attractive and are good examples of the cabinet maker's art. The collector can acquire the majority of these beautiful clocks at relatively fair and modest prices, which makes them popular.Gathered from auction houses, museums, and private collections, over 1250 clocks are illustrated here in this newly revised and expanded second edition. Approximately one-third of the photographs are in color, with the remainder in clear black and white. Each is accompanied by an informative caption that will be great help to the reader. A newly updated value guide will be of invaluable assistance to the collector.In illustrating the early growth of the clock making industry in the United States, Mr. Ball has captured an important part of our history.
Robert W. D. Ball, a life-long resident of Connecticut, has long had a fascination with clocks and timepieces. Well-known in the fields of militaria collecting and military history, Mr. Ball's previous publications include Cowboy Collectibles and Western Memorabilia.

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