John C. Woods, the US Army? hangman during World War II, is known for his role executing ten senior Nazis in 1946. For the first time, learn about Woods? early life in Kansas and his dishonorable discharge before World War II. Discover how volunteering as a military executioner would lead Woods to his career as a hangman. Award-winning author Colonel French MacClean separates fact from fiction of the enigmatic executioner, whose botched executions and mysterious death by electrocution have left him shrouded in mystery and infamy.
Col. French L. MacLean, United States Army (Ret.), was born in Peoria, Illinois, graduating from West Point in 1974 with a commission in the infantry. Serving four tours of duty in Germany, he commanded two companies and a battalion; attended the School for Advanced Military Studies; fought as the operations officer in the 5th Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, during Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait; served as inspector general of the US Army in Europe; deployed with the Fifth Corps as historian during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003; and was a course director and professor at the National War College in Washington, DC. He often can be found traveling to solve a new mystery at

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