Learn to make the decorative braids used in the sling-making traditions of Peru and Bolivia; this detailed guide, including 400 step-by-step photos plus hundreds of diagrams, teaches the technique and over 100 designs for weavers, craftspeople, jewelry designers, basket weavers, and others interested in using braids for embellishment. In-depth detailed instructions are given, along with clear diagrams; recommended braiding yarns for slings and kumihimo; detailed set-up, making, and finishing instructions; and many fascinating contemporary applications. This book introduces a new piece of equipment, the core frame, and gives instructions for making it from wood and dowels. When the core frame is used with a braiding stand and bobbins, a wide variety of core-carrying braids become accessible to kumihimo braiders. Most of the braids, from 4 to 40 strands, can be made on a braiding card/disk, and 50 patterns can be made on the stand without a frame. An errata sheet is available for this item. Please click here to view.
Rodrick Owen's more than four decades of research into the braided textiles of pre-Hispanic Peru has helped raise awareness and appreciation for these gems of textile art. He trained at the London College of Furniture, completing the Creative Textiles Programme and qualifying with distinctions. An internationally respected braiding teacher, he popularized kumihimo, introducing takadai braiding to the US in 1995. His previous books include Braids: 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru and Beyond and Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids. Owen has exhibited and taught in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia. His current research involves braided headband structures from pre-Hispanic Peru. Owen lives in Oxford, England. Terry Newhouse Flynn is a textile artist and art educator who creates garments and sculptures that combine her interests in woven, braided, and knitted textiles. She has been weaving for more than thirty-five years and teaching textile arts for three decades. She credits ten years of daily immersion in running a weaving/braiding/knitting shop for deepening her understanding of yarns, color interaction, textile structure, and clothing design. She has worked with Rodrick Owen since 1993, contributing shadow weave and hemstitching to takadai braiding? repertoire. She holds a BFA in Fiber and an MAT in Art Education from Maryland Institute College of Art. She teaches art full-time in Baltimore, Maryland, and loves teaching textile arts in between.

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