This book offers collectors and admirers of this beautiful art informative text and splendid photographs. All enameling techniques--from classic to strange--are explained to allow collectors and dealers to organize their treasures correctly. A history of enameling details origins, art history variations, centers of production, styles, notable works, and means of recognition and interpretation. A lexicon explains technical and historical terminology, notes great artists, and makes relationships clear.The brilliant color and black and white photographs show examples of valuable individual works plus everyday objects, jewelry, plique a jour, thimbles, sacred and profane pieces, ornaments, decorations, and utensils. Egyptian, Russian, Chinese, European, and Asian works are featured. In antiquity enamel was just as costly as gold or precious stones. Collecting enamel requires knowledge of history, technology, styles, workmanship, origins, dating, and basic materials--all of which the reader will find here.Antique Enamels for Collectors is an inclusive source of information on enamel, offering the reader fascinating text and stunning photographs that capture the beauty, fragility, and fire of antique enamels.

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