The delightful figural toothbrush holders that are so beloved by collectors today have their roots in the early 1800s. Here is the whole range of the holders, with hundreds of the most sought-after designs portrayed in full color. Compiled by some of America's foremost collectors and dealers, this book has over 400 color photos, including examples in ironstone, porcelain, bisque, or other ceramics, as well as glass, chalkware, celluloid, plastic, and lithographed tin. Some of the forms they took were purely decorative, and some were clearly designed to encourage children to brush more frequently. They include whimsical characters, animals, nursery rhymes, sports, occupations, deco animals and figures, holidays, and cartoon characters. Often the toothbrush itself, when in place, would make up a key element in the holder's design, a horse's tail, say, or the neck of a violin.The authors have compiled a brief history of toothbrush holders, along with important information for collectors. The concise captions include size, material, maker (when known), and an estimate of the value on the current collector's market. The variety of forms, the cleverness of the designs, and the nostalgia some of the themes encourage, will delight dentists, toothbrush specialists, and all lovers of the ceramic arts.
John and Nancy Smith have been avid antiques collectors and dealers for over thirty years. Their daughter, Brooke, is a lawyer who has collected since she was a toddler.

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