Architect Richard S. Requa traveled Spain and the Mediterannean, documenting authentic architecture. Together with The Monolith Portland Cement Co., Requa published his portfolio of images in 1926, helping to fuel architecture's Spanish Revival movement (1915-1940) throughout the Pacific Coast and Florida. His images were "selected and arranged especially for use in developing a logical and appropriate style of architecture for California and the Pacific Southwest," and they had a profound influence as they were widely distributed to design professionals as well as schools and libraries. Besides providing a wealth of inspiration regarding overall architecture, the nearly 200 images also provide intimate detailing of balconies, doors, hardware, and architectural motifs, and serve as a wonderful resource for historians and restoration experts.Because Spanish Revival is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, the timing of this inspirational re-issue will aid, once again, in focusing on the native roots of the widely loved school of architecture.

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