Extraordinary photos of approximately 1000 document the outstanding Art Deco porcelain fancyware items made in the 20th century by the Noritake Company. The book is organized so users can rapidly find whatever they are looking for. Art Deco works predominate but diverse styles are represented. There also are special chapters on the exceedingly rare Noritake ?alesman sample pages?and on pochoir prints related to designs seen on some Noritake fancyware items. The section on Noritake backstamps now shows well over 100 of them and, uniquely, they are all in full color. In addition, there is an informative discussion of the history of the Noritake Company, which celebrated its centennial at the start of 2004. Many interesting, previously unreported details about the growth of the company are presented in this essay which, almost certainly, is the most detailed history of the company available in English. Of particular importance are the many fascinating and extremely rare historical photos that accompany the essay. They provide a previously unavailable look at how and where Noritake porcelains were made. This is an essential book for anyone interested in Art Deco, the history of 20th century porcelains and, of course, collectible Noritake fancyware.
David Spain, is the publisher and editor of Noritake News, a quarterly publication intended for collectors and dealers interested in non-dinnerware Noritake collectibles of the sort shown in this book. Spain lives with his family in Seattle.

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