These beautiful pages invite you to pick up your brush and grow. Kristy Rice? joy-focused approach to watercolor art has won the hearts of fans worldwide, and with this journal Rice offers ways for all levels of painters to make ?rt for joy? sake?and simultaneously paint a personal keepsake or add beauty to your inspiration wall. Includes 9 illustrations ready to be watercolored on thick, textured paper, alongside full-color tear out reproductions of the same works painted by Kristy herself, demonstrating palette choices and brushwork. Enrich your art with ?rompt?ideas to inspire your painting? growth; pages with no-stress exercises for techniques; inspirational artwork and quotations; and even a few recipes for nourishing your body along with your spirit! Each item in the Artisan series is designed to offer a specially crafted watercolor discovery glowing with Kristy Rice? creative touch. Also in the series: Watercolor Cards: Kristy Rice Designs.
Kristy Rice? personal obsession with paint and paper has evolved into an innovative brand, Momental Designs, which garners global attention from media, celebrities, and some of the world? most creative individuals and iconic brands. Rice? style has been featured in?People,?OK!,?The Knot, and more, and her designs are featured at places like T.J.Maxx, Papyrus, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Along with a team of nine inspiring women, Kristy continues to innovate in the worlds of styling, stationery, design, and art licensing. Kristy lives with her husband Adam, son Isaac (Izzy), and lots of furry friends on a forty-acre retired farm near extended family.

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