Iridescence! An ever-changing, shimmering play of color, a dancing rainbow of light?this is the essence, and indeed, the art of Carnival Glass. This beautiful book begins at the very heart of Carnival, with a comprehensive analysis, full of fascinating insights, into how the glass was made, colored, iridized, and decorated. The language of Carnival is fully documented through definitions of shapes and edge treatments plus straightforward explanations of a multitude of Carnival Glass terms. But the core of this encyclopedic volume is the detailed coverage?imply set out and easy to follow?n Carnival Glass shapes: bowls, plates, vases, drinking vessels, tableware, lighting, tobacciana and more. All are adorned with peacocks, flowers, butterflies, fruits, dragons, and other fanciful treatments?n vibrant, shimmering iridescence. The book is gorgeously illustrated with almost 700 full color photographs that feature a wealth of classic as well as contemporary United States Carnival, and new discoveries from Europe, South America, and India. Each photograph is captioned with complete information including color, pattern, manufacturer and current values. The Art of Carnival Glass is an essential reference tool for all Carnival collectors.
Stephen and Glen Thistlewood are a husband and wife team who are dedicated to researching, illustrating, and writing about Carnival Glass. Glen is currently President of the Internet Carnival Glass club, www.cga, and both she and Steve are well known in international Carnival Glass circles through their prolific writing, lectures and seminars.

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