A treasure finds new life in this reprint of an important work by H. Inigo Triggs, one of Britain's greatest architects. Compiled at the turn of the 20th Century, this classic work is still relevant to today's landscape designers and architects on its hundredth anniversary. Tour the great gardens of Rome, Florence, Milan, Lake Como, and Verona, visiting the Vatican, royal palaces, and secluded cloisters. Line drawings detail overall layouts for monumental gardens, statuary, and architectural details, while photographs concentrate on stunning perspectives. The text illuminates the thoughts and aesthetics of the famed author.This book is an invaluable inspiration for anyone planning an estate garden and an indespensible reference for historians of British and classical architecture.
H. Inigo Triggs is considered the first English classical architect. He was famous in his own time and later was attributed with launching the Palladian movement of the eighteenth century and influencing the Italian mode of Arts and Crafts style in England. His books also documented Formal Gardens in England and Scotland (1901) and Garden Craft in Europe (1913). Many books have been written about his work and influence on British architecture.

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