Nearly 500 photos of artwork with personal insights from 76 of today? most noteworthy artists show the tremendously broad range of possibilities that working in three dimensions can offer. In conjunction with the other two books in this acclaimed series, it invites readers to re-examine fiber art through a multifaceted contemporary lens. Both established artists and emerging artists whose work is attracting notice are gathered here. Carol Milne? knitted glass and Peter Gentenaar? technique of vacuum forming and air-drying paper fibers are but a few examples of artists using new materials with traditional methods.
Living in Lexington, Massachusetts, E. Ashley Rooney and Anne Lee had beencasually acquainted for many years. They first volunteered together in2010, curating an art show at Cary Memorial Library. Other shared artevents followed, and both their friendship and their writing partnershipevolved. Together, they have edited?Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century?(Schiffer) as well as this exciting series on fiberart. As coauthors, they balance each other and offer differentexperiences and perspectives: Ashley is the author of over fifty books,specializing in contemporary art and architecture; and Anne researched,curated, and wrote about exhibitions at Vose Galleries in Boston.Exploring fiber art together has been a fascinating and fruitful journeythey are eager to share. The former president of the National Basketry Organization, Lois Russell is a widely published fiber artist whose sculptural work reflects her background as a basket maker. A hand and machine knitter, Adrienne Sloane has shown her work nationally for over 25 years.

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