More than 470 color photos bring in-depth detail to this comprehensive look at the almost forgotten decorative art of leather inlay and overlay. Leather is an often-overlooked textile, with very little documentation on its tools and techniques, and this guide fills a crucial gap for the aspiring leather worker. These skills have historically been passed along orally, and the book begins with a brief introduction of the cowboy boot, since this is the discipline that's become a repository for the art of leather inlay and overlay. Learn what these decorative methods can bring to your work with details on the tools and machinery needed, and clear explanations of the techniques. Also covered are the history of leather inlay and overlay, choosing the best leather, how to pattern and create leather art, and basic sewing machine maintenance. The book finishes with an illustrated, step-by-step guide to three leather projects.
Lisa Sorrell is a master cowboy boot maker and leather artist. She has won multiple awards for her work in the United States and internationally. Sorrell is a featured artist on the PBS series Craft in America and her work has been featured in numerous books. The owner of Sorrell Custom Boots, she speaks, writes, and teaches on both cowboy boot making and the decorative art of leather inlay and overlay. She lives in Oklahoma.

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