Living in Lexington, Massachusetts, E. Ashley Rooney and Anne Lee had beencasually acquainted for many years. They first volunteered together in2010, curating an art show at Cary Memorial Library. Other shared artevents followed, and both their friendship and their writing partnershipevolved. Together, they have edited?Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century?(Schiffer) as well as this exciting series on fiberart. As coauthors, they balance each other and offer differentexperiences and perspectives: Ashley is the author of over fifty books,specializing in contemporary art and architecture; and Anne researched,curated, and wrote about exhibitions at Vose Galleries in Boston.Exploring fiber art together has been a fascinating and fruitful journeythey are eager to share.
Marcia Young is editor in chief of?Fiber Art Now?magazine. Meredith Re?Grimsley is a fiber artist and professor of fabric design at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

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