Auset Gypsy was the nickname given to James Jacob Pierri when he was a young and charismatic reader at Mystic of the Seven Veils Psychic Venue at Universal Studios while studying at the Florida College of Natural Health Holistic Sciences. Auset Gypsy transformed from a nickname to a brand, delivering top-quality services to private clientele including celebrities, politicians, authors, athletes, and others. James has had success with his online service he has appeared on television shows such as MTV's House of Prophesy, Bravo's Housewives of New Jersey, Psychic Fridays on the WPIX (New York) Morning Show, and theme-related documentaries. Through years of dedication, practice, and the study of metaphysical and occult arts, James has put these skills to good use for clients and in traveling presentations. He gives lectures and talks on a variety of magickal subjects including candle magic, divination, astrology, Isis mysteries, Wicca, goddess worship, spell casting, and more.

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