The largest and most advanced US aircraft to see combat in WWII, the B-29 Superfortress was also the most expensive weapons system of the war, even exceeding the cost of developing the atomic bomb. Not surprisingly, the aircraft remained a part of the US arsenal in the following years and again saw combat in Korea. The evolution of the B-29 into the B-50 is covered in this book?he second of two volumes?s is the B-50? part as an early nuclear deterrent. Not only is the production of these aircraft illustrated, so are the host of adaptations, from mother ship to X-planes to weather and refueling aircraft. This volume chronicles the design, development, and deployment of these later versions through photos gathered from around the world.
David Doyle? earliest published works appeared in periodicals aimed at the hobby of historic military vehicle restoration. By 1999, this included regular features in leading hobby publications, appearing regularly in US, English, and Polish magazines. Since 2003, over 125 of his books have been published. Broadening his horizons from his initial efforts concerning vehicles, he soon added aircraft and warships to his research objectives.

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