The Barclay Manufacturing Company of New Jersey produced wonderful, now highly collectible toy cars and car transports from 1932 through 1971. This book is the first to provide comprehensive catalog listings and prices for every known variation and color of all car transports and cars made by Barclay, in all four separate series. With few exceptions, these beloved vehicles were not marked with the manufacturer's name or country of origin. Over 75 beautiful, full color images display these cars and transports, allowing easy identification for the very first time. The detailed text provides a history of the company, an enumeration of the four series, the production methods and painting techniques of each series, various packaging techniques employed by Barclay, identification and pricing guidelines, and fourteen identification charts. Values are found in the text.
Howard W. Melton has been a lifelong collector. A lawyer, he lives in Illinois, with over 800 Barclay toys. Robert E. Wagner has collected toys for over 40 years. His Barclay auto transport toy collection has grown to one of the largest and most complete in existence. He lives in New York.

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