In this photographic journey across the topography of Iceland, the ride is mesmerizing because it is an exploration of two bodies, that of the land and the female form. They are both exposed as they were born, raw and primal, naked and austere, unadorned and blooming. Whether resolved against volcanic rock, sequestered in craters of ice or simmering in hot springs, these stark primordial landscapes are chiseled out of time, untouched in their natural beauty, like the feminine forms that grace them. Sixty provocative photos grace the pages, accompanied by poetry in both English and Icelandic that frames the view and sets the scene. The rough and angular Icelandic landscape and the smooth, curved human body are captured with an artist's attention to form and contrast, creating surprising juxtapositions at every turn.
Sigthor Markusson is originally from Iceland, now residing in Los Angeles, California. He has worked as a commercial photographer both in Iceland and the United States.

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