Discover how to reconnect with nature? energy to step into better health through getting grounded. Grounding is a freely available way to tap into the Earth? always-accessible and ever-powerful natural energy to rebalance the body and restore health. In this indispensable primer on the natural health benefits of grounding, find out how to use the Earth? power to counteract the harmful nature deficiency found in our modern society. Learn what people knew in the past about grounding and its use in linking to nature and the Earth. Find out how you can use grounding to change your life, regain connections to the Earth, dispel misconceptions and challenge myths, and stay grounded wherever you are. By using the Earth as a treatment table, you will begin to understand how to both keep your feet on the ground?ole to soil!?nd take a walk on the wild side, all the way to a healthier future.
Serial business entrepreneur Sharon Whiteley is the CEO of wellness-oriented Listen Brands and Pluggz footwear author of?The Old Girls Network. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, is a practicing integrative and energy medicine physician and the author of?Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self Care.

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