Over 130 ceramic lines from the Roseville Pottery Company are listed and valued in this very inclusive guide. Arranged in alphabetical order, each line and its most common variations are listed and priced by line number. Among the categories featured are Early Velmoss, experimental pieces, Keynote, Lamps, Raymor Modern Artware, Rozane Royal, trial glaze pieces, and products not found in Roseville guides. This quick reference works well as a companion to the author? Introducing Roseville Pottery. Listings for shapes illustrated in that book appear in boldface here, with page references. An invaluable ?ndex to Roseville Shape Numbers, c. 1916-1946,?produced with the assistance of collector and researcher Lou Haggis, explains the factory? original shape numbering system. This will help collectors identify and date little-known Roseville shapes. Everyone interested in art pottery, American artware, or Ohio pottery will find this an essential reference.
Mark Bassett is a long-time collector and dealer specializing in American and European art pottery. He is also the author of Introducing Roseville Pottery** (newly revised for 2001) and Cowan Pottery and the Cleveland School**.

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