Ready for a haunting good time? Want to learn to make your own tombstones and cemetery, turn your child into a mummy, create Monster Mud, and more? You?e come to the right place! When the living set out to haunt houses, they scream for a unique look and feel. They want to create a spooky memory for visitors coming to party or trick or treat. With a bit of theatrics and light?nd layers and layers of homemade cobwebs?oday? home haunters hunger to go beyond just setting out a jack-o?lantern on Halloween. Now you can create an extreme cinematic experience with touch, sound, smells, and spooktacular sights that bring on the chills and screams at every turn. This frightening decorating guide provides inspiration and instruction on how to lift your coffin lid a little higher and transform your house and yard into the best haunted attraction in the neighborhood this Halloween season!
Shawn and Lynne Mitchell began home haunting in Pensacola, Florida in 2006. What began as a small Halloween party evolved over the years into a full walk through cemetery and DIY haunted house experience for friends and neighbors. The Mitchell? started self-publishing the, How to Haunt Your House, book series in 2009. They built up a solid following of international home haunters through the books and website, They have also appeared on several Halloween TV specials (The Great Halloween Fright Fight on ABC & Halloween Tricked Out on HGTV), as well as other media outlets. The Mitchell family along with their three terror-ific kids have returned and The Best of How to Haunt Your House has been resurrected.

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