A native of Indiana, Kelly spent much of his childhood drawing and painting. His mother, an amateur artist, made sure he had enough paper, paint, pencils, and encouragement. The first sixteen years of his career were spent in the textile screen-printing business creating sportswear designs for clients such as Disney and Warner Brothers. In 1995, Kelly moved to Tennessee to illustrate?The Beginner? Bible?series of books. It wasn? until 2008 that he tried his hand at writing and has since authored and illustrated eight children? books, including a book of twenty Bible stories. Kelly lives in Nashville with his beautiful wife, Vickie, and has four grown children. He also enjoys bicycling, hiking, painting, fishing, and traveling.
“As cyclists it is our duty to ride as safely as possible and to obey the rules of the road. I never leave home without my helmet and I obey all traffic laws, because I know that my life is at stake. Kelly Pulley does a great job of capturing the essence of bicycle riding and the importance of being safe on the road.” – Guy East, professional track cyclist and founder of Hope Sports.

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