Solid joinery, commonly found woodworking tools, and timeless design combine to make both the panel bed and armoire described in this book a joy to build. Detailed, easily understood descriptions, accompanied by over 280 clear color photos and 34 detailed plans, explain and show every step of the furniture building process. Most of the joinery is made at the table saw. The moldings are made with a router, using standard bits individually or in combination. Subtle details, which make this bed and armoire unique in their designs, are easily accomplished with commonly found woodshop tools. If you have thought of building a detailed piece of furniture but want something other than Queen Anne or another often repeated period style, this is the book for you.
Joseph D. Grove has honed his skills over the past 18 years by building everything from mirror frames to kitchen cabinets and freestanding furniture. Joe resides in south central Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

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