A combination of original Blenko catalog pages and photographs, this book completes the Blenko "story," covering the much sought after early designs and the later designs readily available to collectors. The first three color catalogs -- designed by Wayne Husted in 1959, 1960, and 1961 -- show some of the best of Blenko's early glass production, and these are featured in this latest Blenko book. The year 1983 marked the beginning of the "late" period when the label was changed from the silver foil hand to the square with large B and red dot. The early years of the 1940s through the 1960s have been the most popular with collectors of Blenko Glass. However, interest in later Blenko has already awakened with the other Schiffer books on Blenko and with exposure on PBS videos. For the collector, current market values of this beautiful glass are included.Don Shepherd, Hank Adams, and Matt Carter were the staff designers responsible for all of the later glass in the catalogs. Many of their designs were inspired by those of their predecessors ?those great designers of "cool 50s and 60s glass" ?Winslow Anderson, Wayne Husted, and Joel Myers. Others are bound to become classics on their own merits.
Leslie Pi?, Ph.D heads the Historic Preservation program at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio and is an authority on 20th-century decorative art, especially furniture and glass. She has written and co-authored about 50 books for Schiffer.

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