First launched in 1965, the Boeing 737, by many measures, is the most successful and long-standing jetliner in the history of aviation. This volume provides an in-depth look into the story of this extremely significant jetliner and the environment that has contributed to this amazing story. Many of the actual people who designed, marketed, and flew this airplane have contributed greatly to this book, with widespread quotes throughout. This study is rich with many photographs and drawings that are published for the first time and take the reader deeper into the story. Included in this book is a technical chapter that defines the systems and provides a detailed pilot? walk-around. For the hobbyist, a well detailed, pictorial chapter demonstrates the building of airliner models, and provides many techniques for new and experienced modelers alike.
Dan Dornseif has been directly involved with aviation for nearly three decades. Flying the Boeing 737 for a major airline for fifteen years, he has had the privilege of flying all three operational generations of the 737 and has a true love for this special aircraft. When not flying for the airlines, Dan enjoys spending time with family, building model airplanes, and flying antique airplanes.

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