Welcome to the world of corporate decision-making, workplace gambles, and a myriad of human interactions. This is a story that affirms the traditional values of hard work, fidelity, and building the human alliances necessary for achieving enduring success. John Andrew, a retired Boeing executive, offers a unique insider look at the profound changes Boeing experienced in the 1960s as the product mix shifted from military hardware to the first generation of jet-powered airliners. The requirement for more factory space was fueled by new models and a surging worldwide demand for air travel. Massive construction projects were launched, including a newly constructed 747-sized factory on 760 acres at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. These cathedrals of airframe assembly remain vital to Boeing? ongoing operations today.
John Fredrickson? work history includes 36 years at Boeing in various departments, service with the US Air Force, and 23 years as adjunct faculty at the local community college. In his fifth published aviation history book, he teams with John Andew, a retired Boeing executive and Harvard MBA, as they explore the creations of new airplanes and factories at Boeing during a period of metamorphosis between 1965 and 1969.

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