Those who are captivated by the great beauty of decorated porcelain will recognize, at once, the quality of the Bohemian Porcelain. Factories in the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) region of Western Bavaria produced numerous types of tableware and objects. This new book is the first in English dedicated to describing and illustrating the vast array of decorative objects, household wares, and tableware. It includes both the goods produced and decorated in Bohemia and those exported to America for decoration in the form of whiteware during the late 1800s to early 1900s. Detailed descriptions of the production, exportation, and decoration methods utilized by the Karlovy Vary factories to produce this collectible porcelain make this book an invaluable reference for those who collect, deal, or have inherited pieces of this china. Over 400 color photographs, as well as illustrated examples of the distinguishing factory marks, information on the factories' owners, and an up-to-date value guide make this book unique. With the wide exportation of Bohemian porcelain to the United States and throughout the West, this book will be a welcome addition to the libraries of dealers, collectors, and everyone interested in the development of the art of fine porcelain.
Dr. James Henderson has been fascinated with the history of Bohemian porcelain for nearly twenty years. After his wife, Marge, received a Bohemian dinnerware set from an elderly aunt, he and his wife became serious collectors of porcelain exported from the Karlovy Vary region. Their collection of O&EG Royal Austrian porcelain is one of the largest of its kind.Dr. Henderson is a veterinarian whose years of training in medical research have provided him with the investigative skills to thoroughly examine archived documents and share their contents with today's readers in an interesting way. Readers interested in contacting the author may do so through the publisher or via email at

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