This is a pioneering study of bookends. Through 600 color photographs, bookends are displayed from their beginnings in 19th-century Europe, through their development in 20th-century America. Bookends are practical sculpture, and therefore reflect many of the artistic movements of their day; Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, International, folk art and traditional styles are covered here in depth. Bookends made of metal, wood, glass, and ceramics are shown, including a selection by Roycroft, Bradley & Hubbard, Roseville, and Rookwood. Information is provided about the sculptors who designed bookends, and about the foundries that produced their work. Promotional bookends made for advertising purposes are shown, as are handicraft and folk art pieces made by book lovers throughout the century. The bookends are indexed according to subject and manufacturer for easy reference. A current market price is provided for each design.
The authors are avid bookend collectors; Robert and Donna Lee Seecof live in Oxnard, California, and Louis Kuritzky lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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