New for World War II Soviet collectors, this box set of two volumes is he first comprehensive collection of Marshals? Generals?and Admirals?parade uniforms. With hundreds of beautiful, large format full-color photographs, detailed close-ups of uniforms, and an archive of vintage photographs, this collection will take you on a visual journey through the development of the Soviet World War II flag rank parade uniform. Many extremely rare and never before seen examples of named Marshals, Generals, and Admirals uniforms, including many different branch variants, are shown in their full glory. A must for the serious World War II collector and a welcomed addition to any library, these volumes offer a stunning visual glimpse of some of the most beautiful uniforms of the Great Patriotic War.
James C. McComb Sinclair II is a collector, writer, and historian. He lives with his wife Ann and their daughter Elizabeth on their farm in Pennsylvania. James can be contacted for questions and comments at:? A. Drabik was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Growing up during the Cold War, he developed a fascination with the Soviet Union. He has his B.A. from Syracuse University and his M.A. from Columbia University. He lives in northern New Jersey.

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