Emery Roth II earned degrees in architecture and literature from Carnegie-Mellon University. After 40 years living and working in Connecticut’s “Northwest Hills,” he became fascinated with the old mill towns of the Naugatuck Valley.
"In honor of your remarkable ode to American manufacturing and the legacy of the brass industry in the state of Connecticut in your book, Brass Valley: The Fall of an American Industry. Your dedication to celebrating the remarkable history of the Brass Valley and the men and women who worked in the mills, individuals who for a century and a half helped shape the manufacturing identity of our nation, demonstrates an abiding reverence for this iconic industry that allows the past to stand alongside the present. As you illustrate the decline of brass manufacturing in the Valley, we must remain conscious of the role manufacturing plays in our economy and national history. The Valley deserves to have its role in the American story documented in such elegant prose. It is my privilege to honor your work on this important book and to represent you, as well as the legacy of Valley manufacturing in the United States senate."
-U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut

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