Inspired by the infamous Northwest Branch Park murder case in a peaceful Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., this masterfully intricate and epic story of crime and intrigue, love and courage, tragedy and vengeance spans more than half a century. It tells the tale of two women ?one, a victim of a beastly killer; the other, her sister bent on the ultimate revenge despite insurmountable obstacles. Follow the events leading up to the June 15, 1955, killing of two teenage girls, Ellen Marie Chauvanne and Mikie O'Riley, and the ensuing nationwide hunt for a killer. Despite one false lead after another, there was no resolution ?until a surprising phone call was received more than forty years later. Would it put an end to the crime dubbed by a major Washington newspaper, "The Murder That Would Not Die"?
Donald Grady Shomette has authored fourteen books and many scientific and popular articles that have appeared in such publications as National Geographic, History and Technology, and American Neptune. He lives in Dunkirk, Maryland.

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