Explore your potential ?develop your psychic sense! While everyone is natural psychic, psychic ability must be nurtured and learned. Everyone can improve their innate psychic sense. This 90-Day Plan is designed to help readers take small steps each day, so that, in just three months, they can learn everything they need to develop psychic abilities: a quiet mind and body; an open, curious mind; good psychic boundaries; a knowledge of how your mind works; and, of course, how to best practice your skills! The color-coded cards are organized by day of the week to make practice easy and foolproof, and each day has a particular psychic focus so you can increase your skill level efficiently, without growing bored by rote and repetitious exercises. It's easy and fun, and you will discover your psychic ability getting stronger each day!
Karen Fox, Ph.D. is not a typical psychic. She has developed her left, analytical brain as well as her psychic sense. Karen achieved her doctorate in Sociology from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. "I value intellectual curiosity. Set aside pre-conceived notions about things psychic, and consider there is an aspect of your mind that you aren't tapping." Karen established the Aspen Program for Psychic Development based in metro Denver, Colorado, where people interested in developing their psychic abilities find comfort with an instructor coming from a mainstream perspective. Karen is a professional psychic, medical intuitive, and spirit medium.

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