Here is a wonderful introduction to the historic and ever-popular cameo used in jewelry and decorative objects. Learn about old and finely detailed ivory, lava, stone, and shell cameos, as well as more recent cameos crafted from molded plastics, glass, metal, and other materials. The authors share the rich variety of jeweled expression that has inspired artists since the days of Alexander the Great, and provide values and tips for today's collectors on the international market place. Mythological motifs, scenes, and portraits are well represented. This is the perfect pocket guide for anyone who collects or simply appreciates cameos.
Monica Lynn Clements is a teacher and a writer who was born in East Texas. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and is an antiques dealer specializing in rare books.Patricia Rosser Clements, born in Virginia, grew up in the Washington, D.C. area. A long-time collector of antiques and an antiques dealer herself, her other interests include art and design as well as photography.

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