Gems are precious and each one can assist you on a spectacular journey toenlightenment. Yeshua. What if you didn? have access to the crystal youwanted to work with? Through the power of intention and the creative useof thoughts and words, these 44 colorful and powerful cards can remedythis for you! Using your intention, carrying a crystal card is likecarrying the physical gemstone. The cards also give a crystaldescription and provide sound meaning and advice channeled by Yeshua(Jesus). The workbook describes how one can use crystal cards forempowerment, personal growth, and the attainment of peace in one? lifethrough the clearing of chakras. This deck and guide can also be used asan oracle and is intended for the layperson through the seasonedhealer.Includes cards and book.
Elizabeth Jarvis visioned?Carry Me Crystals?and realized that one need not carry a crystal in order to benefit from its healing properties. Intention, the power of using one? innate ability to manifest reality, was her motivating force in creating and designing this deck. Peter Jarvis, crystal dealer for the healer, shares his crystals and was consulted about the gems?properties and how they assist in clearing Chakras. Joanie Eisinger, healer and channel, brings in her guide, Yeshua (Jesus), who shares information about each crystal, which has never been brought through in our time.

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