Includes nearly 750 toys, representing almost 50 years of cartoon collectibles, with items dating back to 1949. All the major players are here: Casper? cereal and advertising characters; Disney? Dr. Seuss? Hanna-Barbera? Looney Tunes? The Peanuts Gang? Popeye? Rocky and Bullwinkle? Underdog? and many more. Jameson Scott and Jim Rash include a value guide, with representative prices for each toy; over 200 full-color photographs; and information on animation companies and figural toys of the post-World War II era. For the very serious collector, for the newly interested buyer, for the grown-up kid, for the nostalgia buff--here is a book for all to enjoy.
Jameson Scott, a Rhode Island native, has been an avid toy collector since 1991. Jim Rash and his wife, Phyllis Valentine, live with several thousands of toys in New Jersey.

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