The carved embellishments found on eighteenth-century American furniture pieces are what make them memorable works of art. This book directs the serious student through nine authentic elements from the colonial period. Each chapter is devoted to one element and provides pattern drawings, detailed instructions, and abundant photographs of every step. Learn how to execute the entire process from sculpting the surface to layout, roughing in the shapes and levels, and finally carving the details. The selected projects are chosen from historically important eighteenth-century furniture and adorned some of the best pieces ever made. Although the book tackles advanced topics, the instruction is logical and complete so that the serious reader, independent of skill, can successfully work through the steps.
Tony Kubalak builds Queen Anne and Chippendale reproductions in his basement workshop in Eagan, Minnesota. He specializes in faithfully reproducing the finest pieces of eighteenth-century American furniture. Tony? award-winning work has been recognized in national magazines.

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