Bears are a symbol of strength in many cultures. They also have a certain protectiveness and prowess about them ?characteristics that are easily seen in this soapstone carving of a standing bear. Illustrated, step-by-step directions provide techniques for carving, from designing the bear to adding the final polish. Chapters include carving the waist and belly, head and shoulders, legs and tail, and its ears and snout. A gallery of completed projects will inspire your own creativity. The soapstone's soft texture makes it an easy and popular material for carving the bear's many features. This book is perfect for carvers and woodworkers of all skill levels.
Lynn Bartlett has been selling sculpture quality soft stones for people to carve for 20 years. Tasha Unninayar has pursued the arts from a young age, from sculpting to photography and graphic design. Dawn Hartwig is an accomplished artist and teaches classes on a regular basis. She has been carving stone for over 20 years.

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