Woodcarver Tom Wolfe has never been accused of depictng the rich and famous, at least not without his tongue in his cheek. He always sees the rough edges that make his miniature characters look human, and a little bit off-center. So it is with these angels. A little wrinkled and and a lot ugly, they are proof that God must have a sense of humor. Tom is a great teacher and takes the reader through each step of carving, finishing, and painting these angels, sharing the secrets he has learned over a rich and fruitful woodcarving career. Everything you need to know about making these angels is illustrated with a color photograph, and there are patterns to help you carve a whole band of them.This long-awaited book will be a welcomed addition to your woodcarving library.
Tom Wolfe has brought the joy of carving to thousands or carvers around the world, both in his 40+ books and the workshops he gives.

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