This book is a marvelous, lavishly illustrated jaunt through one hundred years of handbag history. Decade by decade, examples of the main trends are illustrated, along with samples of the eras' most remarkable and unusual high-quality pieces. Information and a price guide are provided to help modern collectors in their searches for wonderful examples. Significant manufacturers and designers are discussed, and interesting historical information is provided. The handbag is an essential accessory for the 20th century woman. Since 1900, the outside of handbags has become just as important as the inside. They are no longer just utilitarian accessories but have become fashion statements! Designers have been inspired to create beautiful bags to match or express every fashion movement through the century. Many of these handbags are works of art.
Kate Dooner is a professional writer, editor, and translator living in Houston, Texas. This new book grew from her previous book, Plastic Handbags: Sculpture to Wear. Her other books include Fabulous Fifties: Designs for Modern Living; Telephone Collecting; and Telephones, Antique to Modern.

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