There are few collectibles that so vividly mark a design period as do the colorful ceramic fish, bubbles, mermaids, and seahorses of the 1950s and 1960s. The popularity of these bathroom decorations swept the land and became a fad that would be remembered for years to come. They were the creations of gifted artists, ceramic designers, and pottery makers, including Kay Finch, Freeman-McFarlin, Hedi Shoop, Josef Originals, DeForest, and Ceramicraft. In addition, there were countless smaller producers, who started well-intentioned, but all too often short-lived ceramics businesses as hobbies or avocations in their homes or garages.These brightly colored creations are chronicled in this new book with 222 beautiful color photographs, current values, manufacturer's marks, company histories, and the reflections and insights of the author. Also included are decorating ideas to help the reader find a fitting place for these collectibles in today's home.
Arleen Smith, from southern California, collects ceramic sea creatures and is a respected authority in this area.

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