Chinese pottery and porcelain has been admired, sought after, fought over, and emulated throughout the history of the civilized world. In form, color, and technique, China led the world in the ceramic arts. Its perfection of hard paste porcelain in the Ming Dynasty followed a fascinating record of ceramic production that is traceable back to 5,000 B.C. The Ceramics of China provides text and pictures that scan the scope of China's history and ceramic production from Neolithic times through the fall of the Qing dynasty in the early 20th century. Illustrations follow this evolution from the earliest pottery tomb figures to fine porcelains created by edicts of nineteenth century Chinese Emperors.The book features over 400 color photographs of ceramic figures, vessels, bowls, and plates, arranged chronologically to mirror the Chinese societal history. A Time Line of selected historical events throughout the world provides a broad view in relation to each era of Chinese history. Finally, values in today's marketplace are provided with each pictured item.This is a welcome book for antique dealers, collectors, aficionados of Chinese works of art, historians, and those who are just plain curious.
Gloria and Robert Mascarelli, a.k.a. Accent East Gallery, are well known in the collecting world as antique dealers and authors of books related to Oriental works of art. Their home base is Patchogue, New York

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