This is the only book on the highly attractive, hand-decorated Chameleon Ware pottery from George Clews & Co. Ltd. in Tunstall, England. The company's finest work was made in the 1930s, but production started early in the century. This ware was exclusive when originally sold and its beautiful colors and exciting designs are now increasingly appreciated by discerning collectors.Colorful and informative, this book charts the history of George Clews' pottery during its fifty-five year existence, and gives a clear guide to collecting Chameleon Ware. Illustrated with over 250 color photographs, it includes a list of all known patterns with identifying numbers and a current price guide. This is an indispensable handbook for art pottery lovers.
A collector of George Clews' Chameleon Ware, Hilary Calvert has spent ten years researching the company, its products, and its personalities. Hilary and her family live alongside the River Thames in Berkshire, England.

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