One morning, two frisky puppies leave the family farm for a day of play in Chesapeake country. In spite of many promising opportunities, the fun they seek always seems to be around the next corner. They meet some Chesapeake people, but they are working, and puppies can't work. They watch some people catching crabs, but pups and crabs don't mix. They meet some other Chesapeake creatures, but none are looking for new playmates. By the end of the day, the tired and discouraged puppies return home to find a party in their own front yard. Everyone's having a good time?ots of food, lots of friendly folks, lots of fun. But the pups, alas, are too pooped to play. They learned a lot today, but play must wait for another day. Tomorrow, perhaps, they'll be happy to know there really is no place like home. For ages 5-8.
Zora and David Aiken have collaborated on twelve books, including seven for children. Zora is also a book editor. Counting Chesapeake Play Day, David has illustrated a total of thirteen children's books. He is an accomplished watercolorist. The Aikens live on a sailboat and meander along coastal and inland waterways, gathering material for their work. When stationary for a time, they give book talks, encouraging young children to stretch their imagination and develop their creativity through words or art.

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