This is the first and only book of its kind, picturing hundreds of colorful, creative children's playhouses, from fancy Victorians to neo-classical creations, all built in a child's scale. Half a dozen of the nation's leading manufacturers are profiled, with both inside and outside images of their creations. The fanciful works pictured vary from the wildly colorful to the scale-model imitations of Mom and Dad's home, from all-askew assemblies of antiques and found objects to a sleek, abstract nautilus designed for a charitable fundraiser.For the do-it-yourselfer, plans and blueprints for half a dozen playhouses are provided, as well as images with plenty of fodder for creating something exquisitely new and unique. This is a dream book for parents, grandparents, and their little pals to pour over, with more than 200 beautiful images to spark the imaginations of young and adult alike. A resource guide will help them make their dreams come true.
Tina Skinner's inspiration for this title was born of her recent immersion into the world of motherhood.

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