Here is a beautiful book celebrating a whole century of a favorite form of advertising. Through the use of children's paper premiums, many advertisers since the 1890s have created markets for their products. Children have enjoyed playing with the "free give-aways" that came with varied products, from the coffee their parents drank in the 1890s to the boxed cereal consumed in the 1990s. Product advertising easily found another avenue with radio entertainment in the 1930s. With nearly 500 photos, this book is chock full of the often-elaborate designs that have adorned and accompanied products of all kinds, and have enticed generations of children. The authors have brought together many types of these premiums, from Lion Coffee to Libby's Apple Butter, and offer valuable advice on building and maintaining a marvelous collection. The current price guide serves as a helpful tool for collectors who are gathering and saving this significant part of American culture. A must for all advertising and ephemera buffs.
Both Loretta Rieger and Lagretta Bajorek have been avid collectors of paper premiums since they were young. Their intrest in collecting such items, born from a shoebox full of Lion Coffee premium games, has led them through many years of "happy hunting" and has resulted in the making of this book.

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