In December 1864, Confederate and Union forces clashed in the Siege of Savannah. Using this guide you will tour the city's river defenses, witness the battered fortifications along the battle lines, and walk among the beautiful Southern homes, offices, and churches that survived it all. The 98 striking color photos and black and white historical views and maps enhance the experience.This useful guide is divided into four chapters. Two provide walking tours through the downtown area, including a narrative describing how events, people, and hardships of war affected the area. The other two are driving tours, allowing readers to retrace the city's defenses and the battle lines. Anyone fascinated by the Civil War or captivated by Savannah will need this book!
David D'Arcy has been fascinated with the American Civil War since childhood. Living in Savannah, David has spent years walking the battlefields of the South.Ben Mammina moved from Chicago to Savannah and developed a deep and abiding interest in America's Civil War as well. He has spent years exploring and photographing the historic sights in and around Savannah.

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