Magic happens when we all clap together.?Clap on the 2 and 4?encourages parents and children to create that magic together. Across all styles of music, some people clap on one beat while others clap on another, but we should all be clapping on the second and fourth. If we can come together on something so small, maybe we can come together on some bigger things as well. Children will learn the basics of clapping and be encouraged to try clapping on different beats. But, when it? time to hit the dance floor, it? important to always clap on the 2 and the 4.?
Shaun Callahan (aka The Great Amundo) has been inviting people to the dance all of his life. Since the age of 15, he has worked as a DJ and dance instructor, formed the first male cheerleading team at his high school, and and was Mr. PEP in charge of all spirit-related activities at the Naval Academy. He is a master Cajun Rub-board player and is part of the Fallstaff 5 + 2 Dixieland band. On warm Sundays in Baltimore, he can usually be found in Druid Hill Park playing percussion with the Park Vibe Drummers.?Olivia Camille is a Baltimore born artist that takes inspiration from her community. She is an entrepreneur at heart and spends the majority of her time working on various projects in the Baltimore art scene. She graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts and went to the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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