The classic diner is an icon of the American roadside. As cars were mass-produced, so were these aluminum gems, whose metal bodies and neon signs came to characterize modernity in the mid-twentieth century. From the 1920s to the 1950s, these eye-catching eateries promoted themselves on many giveaway matchcovers and postcards. Today, these highly collectible pieces of ephemera provide a colorful visual record of diners from all over the country. Nearly 450 examples are included here, along with a history of the diner and related information about postcards and matchcovers of the era. Enjoy a nostalgic, state-by-state tour of architecturally unique, vintage American diners.
Don Preziosi and his wife, Newly, have been postcard and ephemera collectors for more than three decades. Located in northern New Jersey, they can be found at postcard shows and on the Internet.

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