Over 430 playful, colorful, baudy images reveal the pin-up girl glass sets created from the 1920s to today by companies such as Meyercord*r, Duro-Decal*r, and Amus-U*TM. Included among these highly collectible sets are Mystic, Magic, Disappearing Clothes, Keyhole, International Ladies, and Homefront glasses. Shot, signature, specialty, theme, and hand-painted glasses are all on display. Staples of the American home bar, these glasses were also sent to soldiers fighting overseas, given away as carnival prizes, sold as souvenirs, and raffled off at neighborhood stores. With this reference in hand, the ever-growing number of collectors will quickly be able to ascertain what comprises a complete set and have a ready reference to the values.
Tigre McMullan has been collecting these colorful glasses since his errant childhood.

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