Match Holders for Tabletops and Walls, by Jean and Franklin Hunting, is destined to be a major source of information for the collector as well as the antiques dealer. The Huntings, of Hunting House Antiques, have been in the antiques business for over twenty-five years, and have participated in major antiques shows from coast to coast. They put their years of experience and love for collecting into a much needed book on match holders. From the common kitchen tin match holder to the elaborate Victorian porcelain piece for the parlor, Match Holders for Tabletops and Walls contains 541 photographs with descriptions as well as information on the history of matches and match holders, and tables of information on United States invention and design patents and their time frames. This up-to-date value guide is an invaluable reference for those wishing to insure their collections, for dealers doing appraisals, and for the novice who is just beginning the pleasurable hobby of collecting.
Jean and Franklin Hunting, of Hunting House Antiques, have participated in hundreds of antiques shows for over 25 years, from the east coast to the west coast and places in between. They have scoured flea markets from Pasadena, California, to Brimfield, Massachusetts, attended estate sales and auctions, and shopped the shows and shops, always in search of interesting merchandise. In 1973, they first fell in love with match holders when they spotted one in New Hampshire in the form of a swinging acorn, patent date January 21, 1862. Eventually, they amassed well over two hundred and are still finding interesting and rare examples. Due to Franklin's position as a Marketing Manager with Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now retired), they have moved around the country many times, from California to Maryland to Arizona and back to California. Currently, they reside in Fresno, California, and still participate in antiques shows. You may have seen them at the Hillsborough Antiques Show in San Mateo, California. They have one son, Franklin Randall Hunting, who is an Intelligence Research Specialist with the U. S. Customs Service. Randy lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife, Jackie.

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